Reiki Tune-Ups & Workshops with Erika


Offer and Receive Reiki

Bask in the Reiki Love

Several of my reiki students, whether Level One, Two or Three, have asked for “practice time” and a space to do reiki on others and receive support. We’re not aiming for perfection; we’re aiming for more confidence. I enjoy supporting my former students and providing space to ask questions, continue practicing, and increase confidence and joy in offering reiki to others.

These “tune-up” offerings are wonderful opportunities to receive reiki, too! We do a practice of “all-hands reiki,” where everyone who is present and not on the table does reiki for the person receiving reiki on the table. It’s an amazing, powerful exchange, and everyone benefits!

Attend however many you wish! This is a reiki opportunity for those of us who do reiki. Up to three former students welcome.

Investment: $15-$20 sliding scale cash or check. Reiki tune-ups will be at my Niwot office.

Upcoming Reiki Tune-Ups: Please Register Belo

Sunday, October 8, 1-2:30 p.m.
“Life is Scarier without Reiki”
Yes, it’s the month of Halloween. Receive reminders of simple practices you can do daily to keep self-reiki on your radar and keep your life calmer and more intentional. 
Register through 12 noon on Sat., Oct. 7.

Upcoming Reiki Tune-Ups are always announced here and via newsletter.