Tarot Classes and Tarot Circle

Learn tarot with Erika and Turtle Healing Energy.  I often teach in person but also do Skype classes!  On-line, self-paced tarot classes are now available.

Use the form below to express your interest in a tarot class or register for an upcoming tarot class with Erika.

Erika will respond and confirm your registration in an upcoming class or provide details of upcoming classes–she teaches these classes when there is interest.

Meet the Major Arcana: A New Tarot Class!
Sunday, April 8, 1-3 p.m. | In-Person or Skype

It’s here! By request and now a public offering: Meet the Major Arcana, a new tarot class from Erika M. Schreck. Learn overall themes and details about the 22 Major Arcana cards in the traditional tarot, receive a helpful reference guide, learn a bit more about the Major Arcana overall, and practice some readings in this class. Because you’re the first group participating–and I’m limiting this class to six, I’m also offering a generous follow-up: a live call where you’ll be able to see/hear me do live mini readings with *you* and provide instruction and notes and tips along the way.
Bring a tarot deck you like to work with, as well as a writing utensil and favorite place for notes–I’ll have extra pens and notepads. I will e-mail you to confirm details before our class. Recommended: minimum of my Tarot Level One class.

1. Step One of Two: Invest  |  $45 includes class and generous follow-up  |  GRATITUDE!

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Meet the Major Arcana Class Registration

On-line and At-Your-Convenience!

Tarot Level One: Kick-Start Your Tarot E-Class
with Erika M. Schreck

Current Pricing: $45  |  Click here to learn more and to invest now as a gift for yourself or someone else.

Receive a wealth of information in about two hours of videos, organized into three parts, as well as a helpful guide that will help you take notes for the main concepts and provide select, quality resources and recommended starter tarot decks. See the description on this page for Tarot Level One; this e-class will allow you access to the videos and resources for your lifetime.



About Erika

Erika M. Schreck has been reading tarot cards professionally for a decade. She once worked as a tarot reader for a well-known national psychic phone line, and she has been offering tarot intuitive readings, teaching tarot classes, and providing tarot readings at parties. Sometimes people need clarity and empowerment with a situation or at a certain time in their lives.

Tarot intuitive readings can be a helpful tool to help you confirm some things you may already know, gain some new insights and perspective, and feel better and even more at choice with where you currently are. Less about “destiny” or fortune telling, Erika believes that tarot readings are tools for understanding and choices. She’s been identified as a very authentic, accurate, unique, empowering tarot reader and teacher. Click here to read more about Erika.


Currently Offered Tarot Classes

Level One: Kick-Start Your Tarot

Level Two: Get Your Motor Runnin’: Working with Your Personal Tarot Deck

Level Three: Head out on the Highway: Trusting the Tarot Adventure

New Pricing TBA | 2.5 hrs.

Curious about using tarot cards? Wondering where to start? Or, need a refresher and desire to ignite your tarot journey? My Kick-Start Your Tarot class will help you develop an initial understanding of tarot, choose a tarot deck that speaks to you, and activate your own tarot relationship and uses. In this new-to-tarot/refresh-your-tarot/ignite-your-tarot class, I will introduce you to some inspiring approaches, help you gain confidence, offer several resources, offer guidance and leave you with exciting paths to explore. No tarot deck needed.
New Pricing TBA | Prerequisite: Level One | 2.5 hrs.

Bring your own tarot deck to this class, and you’ll get more acquainted with your deck (a deck based in Rider Waite preferred), learn Erika's "Five Layers of Interpretation," discuss basic questions and card spreads, leave with handouts that encourage and guide your learning and understanding, and workshop reading for self and others. Build your confidence and see the tarot as an accessible tool for perspective and Divine guidance!
New Pricing TBA | Prerequisite: Level Two | 2.5 hrs.

Advance your skills and understanding with your personal tarot deck(s) by thoroughly learning and practicing one of the most common tarot spreads, the Celtic Cross, in addition to other go-to spreads and approaches, and delving even more deeply into perspectives, "the story" and layers of the tarot cards. You'll integrate all of your accumulated knowledge from previous classes, personal discoveries and resources you've consulted, as well as your intuition.
Next Tarot One Class:  Please contact Erika with your ideal days and time frames for Tarot Level One.Click Here: Level One is also available as e-class!Next Tarot Two ClassPlease contact Erika with your ideal days and time frames for Tarot Level Two.
Next Tarot Three Class: Please contact Erika with your ideal days and time frames for Tarot Level Three.


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Tarot Circles

Practice makes confident! Experience a supportive, fun environment and learn new things.

Next Tarot Circle to be announced

If you’ve had at least Tarot Level Two with me, consider yourself invited to our next Tarot Circle, a guided, supportive, fun space to learn new strategies, ask questions, and offer and receive tarot readings. Two students minimum, four students maximum. E-mail me to RSVP and reserve your spot in the circle. Click here to learn more about my tarot classes. Tarot circles will be offered virtually (phone, on-line, Skype) or at my office.