Numerology-Reiki-Tarot Combo Sessions

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The following combination packages allow you or a gifted loved one to experience three of my offered services in one session. While each service–Numerology Profile, Reiki Treatment, Tarot Intuitive Reading [click each service here or in the table below to link to individual pages and information]–may be experienced solely in its own session, the following combinations of services offer a lovely experience with the intention of each package specified in the title. These package offerings have been developed out of popular demand for longer sessions that incorporate more than one of my most popular services. Enjoy!


Numerology-Reiki-Tarot Combination Sessions: Introductory Packages

Clarify and Realign

Align with
Your Life Purpose

Sampler or Check-In

Numerology Profile30-min. discussion
+ printed materials

involves 30-45 min.
of pre-session prep
(pre-printed Numerology
Profile & intuitive messages)

45-min. discussion
+ printed materials

involves ~45 min.
of pre-session prep:
created and pre-printed
Numerology Profile;
meditation for intuitive
messages about path
10-min. brief

no printed materials;
no recording
Reiki Treatment45 minutes

brief check-in
before and after
session, with
reiki treatment
15 minutes

spot reiki during
session as needed;
energetic tools
shared, based on
your needs

longer session can
be add-on service
40 minutes

brief check-in
before and after
session, with
reiki treatment
Tarot Intuitive Reading45 minutes45 minutes40 minutes
Other Servicesintuitive messages
always included
15 minutes

oracle cards will be
drawn for additional,
Divine messages about
your life purpose

intuitive messages
always included
intuitive messages
always included
Session Durationtwo hourstwo hours90 minutes

Cash or check [address to Turtle Healing Energy] preferred (in person or by mail),
but you may also pay online via the PayPal button below. For on-line payments
please provide
your full name and birthdate in the comments with your on-line payment.

Numerology-Reiki-Tarot Combination Session Options

Numerology-Reiki-Tarot Combination Sessions