Deluxe Bath Salts

IMG_9862 (900x675)Premium-Grade, Organic Dead Sea Salt,
Epsom Salt and Essential Oils

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My essential oil Dead Sea salt bath mixes are made with 100% natural, mineral-rich Dead Sea and epsom salts, and organic essential oils. Dead Sea salt baths with essential oils offer so many wonderful benefits, including stress relief, release of toxins, better sleep, slowed skin aging, improvement in skin conditions such as psoriasis, muscle relaxation and ease, and increased immunity.

There are no known side-effects with Dead Sea salts, and only gentle, safe amounts of essential oils are used to increase therapeutic results. Salt mixes are packaged in 100% biodegradable bags; each bag’s contents contain one full cup can be used in one full tub for a bath or in a large bowl (ex. dish-washing tub) for three to four luxurious foot soaks. And each package receives reiki, energetically boosting the healing, nurturing effects.

Deluxe Bath Salts: $3

Enjoy an amazing, detoxifying experience. My Deluxe Bath Salts blend contain Bokek® Dead Sea salt; Ultra Epsom® salt; and organic lavender, eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils. This generous treat is a full cup of healing goodness and will encourage ultimate relaxation and better sleep. Each eight-ounce package of Deluxe Bath Salts is good for one bath or three to four luxurious foot soaks; packaging is biodegradable. My bath salts are all hand-mixed and hand-packaged, and are infused with love and reiki. Contact me about your order, so we can determine the best deal on shipping.


   GemstoneBathSalts_RoseQuartz_TurtleHealingEnergy_July2014 GemstoneBathSalts_GreenQuartz_TurtleHealingEnergy_July2014 GemstoneBathSalts_Sodalite2_TurtleHealingEnergy_July2014 GemstoneBathSalts_OrangeCalcite_TurtleHealingEnergy_July2014

Deluxe Bath Salts with Gemstone: $6

Add extra intention to your bath! Enjoy your Deluxe Bath Salts with Gemstone yourself or as a gift. I always have rose quartz available, and other gemstone offerings vary. Your Deluxe Bath Salts with Gemstone will be packaged with a beautiful, generous rough or smooth gemstone and provide information about the gemstone.

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