Eye Pillows

Relax and enjoy your Turtle Healing Energy eye pillow. 

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Eye pillows are often used to

♦ reduce stress and anxiety,
♦ ease headaches,
♦ block out light while meditating or resting,
♦ enhance savasana and other restorative poses during yoga,
♦ reduce puffy or swollen eyes, and
♦ promote better sleep.

I specially designed my eye pillows with a velcro closure, so you can wash the eye pillow case if ever needed, after removing the herbs; the velcro feature also allows you to replace herbs if you find you need a refresher after many years of use.  My fabric is a high-quality, gentle, silky, brocade material, and contents are organic. Choose the fabric(s) you or a loved one would enjoy (click here to see available fabrics) and then choose your preferred contents/filling.

My most popular eye pillow filling, lavender and flaxseed, can be found in the Peaceful Eye Pillow model, while people challenged with frequent sinus issues and headaches find even more relief with the Brighter Days Eye Pillow, which contains eucalyptus, sage, peppermint and flaxseed.  I also create an Unscented Eye Pillow and am open to custom orders. Flaxseed creates a cooling, relaxing effect with gentle accupressure.

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