Private Experience: Walking the Spiritual Warrior Paths of Transformation: An Eight-Week Journey

You’re here because you may be or definitely are interested in experiencing the Walking the Spiritual Warrior Paths of Transformation: An Eight-Week Journey with Erika M. Schreck as a private journey–not as the group experience (click here).

Much of the content is similar to the group version of this exciting, multi-faceted program, AND you get more services and individual attention and time. Each week of this eight-week program, you will receive an e-mailing with content that introduces a path of transformation–mindset, practices and approaches that allow you to transform on a spiritual and emotional level. Each week will also have some type of formal check-in, and we mix it up: phone or Skype call, e-mail, or in-person or Skype or phone session, in order to see how you’re doing and to provide feedback, reflection and guidance.

Here are some things my current Spiritual Warriors said recently:

 “I felt sunk for a long time, and this program helps me feel better than I have in a long time.”
“It’s really helping me and giving me an extra push to make some ‘small’ changes that ultimately can turn into something really big.”

I’ve noticed a gradual shift in my day to day mood. The shamanic journey and Reiki session did wonders for me as well. I feel so HIGH ON LIFE…. I feel so much more colorful and jazzed about life. And I find that people (men, too) are gravitating towards this good energy. Abundance flows.”

“I love seeing how my intentions are becoming reality–and how new things are coming in to my life.”

Overview of the Private Program Schedule

You receive the following during our private eight-week journey together.

Expect transformation and lots of support and love! 
pre-program, hour-long, recorded call (phone or Skype) to discuss your needs and focus; questions will be provided to you to prepare for this discussion, and Erika will also prepare some insights and plan to consult tarot/oracle cards and intuitive guidance

 weekly e-mailing with introduction to, practices, concepts and affiliated work/assignments for each path of transformation; the work and assignments are designed to be manageable and most often are “10 minutes or fewer per day,” but you can always invest more time

weekly check-in with Erika in some form, including e-mail, call or session
shamanic reiki session (90-min. session in person or by phone or skype) during Week Three or Four (your choice)
three 30-minute, recorded calls (phone or Skype), which can include check-in, coaching, tarot and oracle cards, energy work
feedback for e-mailed assignments and check-ins

There’s a lot of support for you… and this program is set up for minimal, consistent time and energy commitment. You can do this program even while busy, even if traveling, and still create shifts and new habits.

Discounts during eight-week journey and up to 30 days after program
$20 off standard reiki session (75-min. session) or shamanic reiki session (90-min. session) in person or by phone or skype
$15 off 30-/45-/60-minute tarot intuitive reading, in person or by phone or skype
Half off first month’s subscription to amazing opportunity for support and continuing the work: Spiritual Warrior Transformation Community

Investment: Step One of Two

Introductory rate: $450


Register: Step Two of Two