Spiritual Wellness Programs

Spiritual Wellness Programs_Image_12May2016When…
you know your purpose here on the planet,
you have and understand a deep sense of joy,
you believe in a larger connection all beings share,
your values and beliefs are evident in your actions and priorities,
and you’re willing to go within and explore deeper meaning…

you are demonstrating something known as spiritual wellness.

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I want to help you be kinder to yourself,
have hope and clarity for the future,
live your unique life with ease and freedom,
create positive, new patterns and shifts,
and be more present in life.

Need some support?

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I have long wanted to support people in more integrated ways with all of my skills, passions and love. In all I do through my work, I aim to support people’s peace and joy. Several clients have recently asked me to coach them or mentor them, taking on more of a coaching/guiding role when we’re together. I have developed some programs that will allow me to be your Spiritual Wellness Advocate™.

The main difference between being a Spiritual Wellness Advocate™ and doing periodic sessions of reiki, tarot and so forth with you is the level of contact and support. We have check-in time. There’s time for you to apply steps and integrate what we discuss and decide—and tell me how it’s going. You also have a cheerleader and a truth-teller who wants to see you more joyful and peaceful.

At the core of these programs is my advocacy for your spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. I am a witness for your journey and an advocate who roots for you, offers intuitive guidance and participates in consistent contact and communication. AND I put all of my tools and skills to work, which includes an organic mix of intuitive messages, coaching approaches, numerology, reiki, tarot and oracle cards, breath work, shamanic practices, grief coaching and so forth.

Program Options: Overview

For the following programs, we will start with getting to the heart of your priorities and largest challenges. Then, we’ll proceed with intuitive coaching and goal-setting; I will follow up with check-ins and be able to support you with continued communication and my other services, such as reiki and intuitive card readings.

Spiritual Wellness Advocate Programs with Erika M. Schreck


Shift Foundation

60-minute recorded
coaching session(s): in
person, Skype or phone

includes Erika’s preparation
and e-mail follow-up; audio
recording of session; one
session at a time and can be
combined with up to an hour
of services

one session
with e-mail follow-up

two sessions,
at least one week apart

five sessions
15-minute phone call(s)
intended for in-between
coaching sessions and
extra support



two 15-min.
phone calls
e-mail correspondence
and support

Erika will check in on goals,
progress and questions and
provide an intuitive overview
for the week


weekly check-in

weekly check-in
Choice of services done
in person, distantly
and/or via e-mail: reiki,
tarot, grief coaching

can be customized for you; if
combining with coaching
session, up to an hour of these
services for two-hour max


$20 discount
per session
during 30 days

three hours of services
included during 90 days
$20 discount
per additional session
during 90 days

Numerology Profile
Erika will prepare your
Numerology Profile, as well as
meditate and intuit messages
and guidance for your path,
which is helpful with more
deeply understanding your life,
tendencies and most helpful