2018 New Year E-Mailed Tarot-Numerology Intuitive Reading

2018 New Year Reading with Erika M. Schreck
E-mailed 2018 New Year Reading Offered through February 28, 2018

© Angie Barnes Photography Hawaii

© Angie Barnes Photography

Gift this special offering to yourself or a loved one. Using tarot cards, numerology and her intuition, Erika will offer a jam-packed, insightful reading for the new year. She’ll include details for what needs to be released as you enter the new year and 2018, what will be most helpful to know this new year, any time-sensitive messages and suggestions, where your energy will be best prioritized, overall and likely patterns you can expect for the upcoming year, and anything that intuitively pops in. You also will be able to ask one specific question or ask for specific guidance around a certain life area, such as health, relationship or work.

The recipient will receive an e-mail with the following:
1. MP3 recording for the 30-minute reading
2. picture of the entire card layout: tarot cards and any oracle cards drawn during the reading
3. PDF of two-page reference for your numerology-based “personal year” for 2018–what influences and patterns can you expect?


Step One: Invest in Your Reading(s), using the Add to Cart Button below. You’ll be able to specify in the form filled in Step Two whether your reading(s) is/are for you and/or someone else. Fill a separate form (Step Two below) for each reading.

Your Investment
$63/reading and $111/two readings
and more savings when purchasing more readings at once (great gift!)

New Year 2018 E-Mailed Reading with Erika M. Schreck

Step Two: Fill the form below for each reading you purchase.

Step Three: Watch for your reading to be e-mailed within the time frame you requested after you (1) invest and (2) submit the form.