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How fun and helpful would it be to receive
a custom tarot intuitive reading
via e-mailed recording each month,
providing unique messages just for you?





from-a-regular-clientInclusions and Details for Tarot Subscription

You may invest in a tarot subscription for yourself and/or a loved one.

For each month that is part of the tarot subscription, a separate, unique monthly overview reading is e-mailed by the 1st day of each respective month. This intuitive tarot reading will be e-mailed to you as an MP3 recording and will be a custom reading just for you, 11+ minutes long, and will integrate tarot cards, intuitive guidance, your numerology influences and possible oracle card(s) to provide with you an overview and specific messages for your month. Once you save this MP3 file to your computer, you can listen infinitely.

Tarot subscriptions offer general monthly readings that are not intended to surpass your free will and powerful intuitive knowing. These readings intend to support you and offer an overall sense and perspective for a given month; I always trust what I’m guided to include and emphasize, using tarot cards, numerology and intuition.

If you have specific questions and would like to schedule an in-person/phone/Skype reading or
request an e-mail tarot intuitive reading
(similar format to the tarot subscription), please click here.

2013-07-12 11.09.47 (450x338)Tarot Subscription Plans

You may purchase a tarot subscription for yourself or someone else for three months, six months or a year. If you invest in and request your subscription within five days before the starting month begins, there’s a chance your first reading may arrive a day or two after the first of the month. You save a bit of $$ when purchasing longer subscriptions.

Three-Month Tarot Subscription: $54
Six-Month Tarot Subscription: $90

One-Year Tarot Subscription: $162

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