Totem Animal Spread Reading

Totem Animal Spread Reading

Overview of Totem Animal Reading

Native American tradition believes that certain totem animals are our guides throughout our time on earth.  In the Totem Animal Spread Reading, I discuss any animals that are personal to you or often appear in your life and use Medicine Cards® (Jamie Sams) in a nine-card spread.  Honoring Native American tradition, the Totem Animal Spread is intended to be done once in a lifetime; the results are always helpful and insightful.

What animals are your guides? What are their messages for you? Which animals have always been special or reappearing for you? Erika will answer these questions and provide both traditional and intuitively guided, personal messages about the animals that appear in your sacred Totem Animal Spread Reading.

Included in This Package: Your Session AND Follow-Up Information

1. Your Totem Animal Spread Reading (approximately 60 minutes):
In-Person or Skype or Phone Session

cards are drawn, laid in specific layout, and briefly explained; session is recorded

2. Follow-Up Information

(a) recording of in-person session and
(b) documents for session–PDFs e-mailed–within a week of your session, often sooner

filled template of reading for quick reference and
 detailed, two-page explanation of reading with applications of animals and positions in card spread;
Erika spends thoughtful time intuiting each animal’s place in your totem and unique teachings and assistance for you

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