Kind Words about Erika’s Grief Coaching

Grief intuitive coaching gave me a better understanding of my father’s path as well as my own. It helped me to understand that loss is part of re-invention, and that if I pay attention, I can increase my awareness regarding my own next steps along my path. It also gave me some new tools to use to feel my grief and then release it so that I can move forward with intention.
Thank you.
~ Diane, Colorado

purple star bullet

I have been doing much better, believe it or not, and so much thanks to you, for listening.
~ J, Wisconsin

purple star bulletIt was a VERY positive experience for me.

I liked the way she began by explaining what was going to happen during the session by briefly verbally outlining what we would cover. This put me at ease for what to expect.

Erika is VERY accepting, supportive, encouraging, and loving. These authentic qualities put me at ease to share myself and my experiences comfortably with her. There is a sense of honor in the work that she does, like she is honored to be a support for you. Erika uses a variety of tools in her work, including, but not limited to: reiki, numerology, meditation, and intuition. Each of these tools add value to the experience.
~ Laura, Colorado