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Infinity scarves–also known as cowls–and hats will be available for sale here.

Contact me by e-mail if you’re interested! I want to get you the best shipping deal.
These will probably go quickly, but I will add new handmade items very soon.

All crocheted products created with 100% acrylic yarn: machine washable and dryable.
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 Currently Available

Infinity Scarves and Cowls

What’s an Infinity Scarf?

InfinityScarf_Grays_long_17Oct2014 (600x900)Infinity scarves come in many designs, colors and yarn fibers. For my favorite and most-often-crocheted infinity scarves,imagine a wide scarf–as in about 9-15″ wide and 60-64″ long–with its shorter ends sewn together; then, imagine, feeling so very warm and cozy as you loop it twice around your neck. These longer and wider infinity scarves can be worn “double-layered,” as shown in the above images, as a shawl (pulled down around the shoulders and upper arms), and as a hood.

What’s a Cowl?

Another version of a cowl is much shorter but acts as that wonderful item that prevents the wind from getting to your neck and provides delicious warmth; this version is 9-11″ in height and slightly smaller in circumference than your head circumference–it’s like pulling a cozy, roomy tube down over your head to your shoulders, and the area from your chin down to your shoulders is kept warm. Machine washable and dryable; pre-washed for you. So cozy! For outside and inside wear.

Enjoy a Handmade Infinity Scarf from Erika
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And more options to come!


Some of you remember that I crocheted lots of custom orders; at this time, I am unable to do
custom orders, but I can be persuaded with color preferences for certain items.