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LavenderEssentialOilSpray_TurtleHealingEnergy_Feb2010Essential oil sprays are perfect for spraying on linens, in a room or as a spritzer on yourself (not recommended for all-day scent).  I use organic essential oils and package my sprays in blue or amber glass bottles, so scent and quality are maintained for a very long time (plastics reduce quality of essential oils, and clear glass allows oil and water to be evaporated).  My friends and family have long loved my essential oil sprays.

While I traditionally make lavender sprays, I’ve also made peppermint (great for nauseous pregnant women!) and several other scents (ex. cinnamon and cedarwood mix, great for odors or general room spray; orange, a wonderful kitchen scent neutralizer).  The most popular way to use my sprays is on your pillow and sheets (five to ten minutes before going to bed); people say they sleep much better with a lavender-scented pillow and have better dreams.


Standard Essential Oil Sprays Available (glass sprayer bottle)

♦ Lavender Pillow/Body/Room Mist, 4 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle
distilled water, organic lavender essential oil and witch hazel (about 1.5% of entire contents)

♦ Citrus Uplifting Room and Body Mist, 4 oz. brown glass bottle
distilled water; organic bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon essential oils; witch hazel (about 1.5% of entire contents)

Cinnamon and Cedarwood Room Mist, 2 oz. brown glass bottle
distilled water; organic cinnamon and cedarwood essential oils; witch hazel (about 1.5% of entire contents)

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If you’re purchasing essential oil sprays along with other Turtle Healing Energy products or more than one spray, please contact Erika before ordering to discuss the best shipping options and rates: I want to get you the best shipping deal for what you’re ordering.

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