Kind Words (Testimonials) about Erika and Her Turtle Healing Energy Services

Such GRATITUDE for these words!

Reiki for Animals

The moment Erika stepped into our house to provide Reiki for my cat, Benedick, I could tell that she automatically loved him and wished only for his best.  He trusted her immediately, which was not normal since he was the original “scaredy cat.”  She was gentle and kind throughout the visit, taking the entire space into consideration for his well-being.  He happened to be a very sick kitty, but I believe her connection with him helped his last few weeks to be much more peaceful and much less stressful than he previously indicated by his actions.

~Maria, Denver, Colorado

Tarot Intuitive Reading

“I loved that you did this. I felt energized and happy after the reading, and so much of what you said was bang on, which made the new information that much more powerful. I loved it!”

~ Pam B., Longmont, Colorado

Erika, as always, continues to be such a powerful source of insight for me in my life and decisions. She not only is “spot on” in so many ways, but she delivers her message with care and genuine “love” for her gift and for her client. Thank you, Erika. This is such a amazing gift to have and those of us who know her are fortunate to receive readings and intuitive messages from her.

~ Melanie L., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Reiki and Tarot Intuitive Reading

Erika is the best! She is so connected, and her readings are ALWAYS on target. If you need clarity on any issue, Erika is the one to go to for a tarot reading and reiki. She has seriously helped me change my life!

~ Cheryl B., Boulder, Colorado

Reiki and Coaching

Through the expert application of her Reiki practice, Erika Schreck has converted my inner skeptic into a believer. Erika is a wonderful healer who has mastered the art of Reiki. Her work has helped me to find direction, feel better, and be able to more easily relax.

For me, Reiki fills the gap between reason and emotion, and Erika as an Intuitive Healer, expertly harnesses this power to channel my energy and to help me “hear” the messages surrounding my life. She is somehow able to “see” my problems and concerns, and has even confirmed things for me that she could not have previously known. She’s then able to take the information that comes to her, and transfer it into usable advice.

As an entrepreneur, Erika has even helped me to more clearly understand the truths and obstacles involved in my business. She has helped me to clear out negative thoughts and unproductive energy. She has also helped me to heal physically, by giving me a better understanding of certain ailments, and by helping me to visualize the healing process.

Although I was initially skeptical, Erika has proven to me that her techniques work. She makes me feel as if she is part of my team, and she has helped me to better formulate a game plan for my life. She is able to help me understand things for what they can and should be. I highly recommend Erika’s Reiki sessions, whether for guidance, or simply improvements in physical and emotional well-being.

~Scott, Boulder, Colorado

Totem Animal Reading

Erika is a powerful intuitive and inspired reader who entered deeply within the cards to see the way their roots merged with what was happening in my life each time we had a session.  She always offers profound insights and practical information that I can easily apply.  Thank you, Erika, for the awareness that you bring!

~Becca Haydon, Boulder 

Grief Coaching and Tarot Reading

Erika did a wonderful Tarot Card reading for me by phone. As things came up, I got to ask more questions, and she pulled more cards to make what I wanted to know clearer. I also have struggled with the death of my father and with her grief counseling she was able to help me deal with those issues during our hour together. The recording of our session she sent me was so helpful. I got to listen to it again and hear things that I missed. There is always so much information given during the reading. I really feel like my life is changing for the better thanks to Erika.

~ Donna, Vermont

Reiki, Intuitive Tarot/Medicine Card Readings, and Handmade Products

Erika is such a delightful and insightful person. A caring, loving being, and so gifted!!! The first time I experienced Reiki with Erika was during a Reiki circle with several people, during which certified masters circulated in the room to perform Reiki on each and every one. My eyes were closed through the entire time. At one point, one of them came to sit next to me and I noticed such a strong energy and heat, it felt as if the energy inside of me was following every single hand movement. At the end of the session I figured out it was Erika, and I was NOT surprised at all. Erika is a true blessing. She has also done card readings for me and they were all beyond belief, very accurate.

In addition, she also handcrafted all of our hats and even mittens, bags, incredible blankets, lavender room spray and so on! She is the Mother Theresa of comfort, love, healing, caring and soothing energy. I highly recommend everything about sweet Erika. Thank you chica!!!

~ Melanie, Longmont, Colorado

 Reiki Session and Reiki Classes

Erika Schreck shares her special and unique gifts and talents in a selfless, authentic and genuine way. My journey with Turtle Healing Energy began with a Reiki session. This session made a powerful shift in my body and being back into alignment and harmony. Soon thereafter, I had the intuitive hit to have Erika as my Reiki Master Teacher. I earned my Reiki Level One and Two certifications with Erika. Erika is amazing and super talented and gifted with her intuitive skills and Reiki abilities. I highly suggest Reiki with Erika! She totally rocks and is overflowing with awesome sauce!

~ Neal T., Boulder, Colorado

 Tarot Intuitive Reading: E-Mailed Audio Recording

I recently had an emailed-audio Tarot Intuitive Reading from Erika and it was so “right-on”!  She spoke exactly to me and what was happening in my life and I felt such love and caring in listening to her peaceful voice and the message she shared with me. I also felt I received such valuable guidance that I needed to hear at the time. It has been so helpful to my continuing path. I felt very supported. I also love being able to listen to it again and again to help remind myself of the guidance received. I would highly recommend have a reading with Erika.  She is so awesome and gifted in what she does.  Thanks Erika!  Hugs.

~ Gloria C.

Tarot Intuitive Readings: In Person, Skype and E-mailed Recording

Whenever I talk to Erika, I always feel at ease. Her calming presence and friendly demeanor is one of the main reasons why I love working with Erika. She helps put things into perspective and assists me in understanding other peoples’ points of view. That helps me feel less anxious and stressed.

~ LR


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