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Grief Intuitive Coaching

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Grief is often an uncomfortable topic in our discussions with others. Not only is it difficult to lose a loved one, but feeling adequately supported during times of loss can also be challenging and disappointing. Are you struggling to move forward in your life and heal from the loss of a loved one, and/or do you know someone feeling overwhelmed and confused in his/her grief?

Grief is not something to get through or get over.
We learn to carry it differently.
Erika M. Schreck

My grief coaching will help grieving people learn tools to lighten their grief, connect with their departed loved ones, and see their purpose for still being on this planet.

This offering is very close to my heart. When I was five years old, my grandfather took me to view the car in which his sister died—she had been killed by a drunk driver. He explained how and why she died in gruesome detail, which has stayed with me to this day. By the time I was 21, I had lost a dear aunt when she was only 32, grandparents, great-grandparents, and, tragically, five family and friends to drunk-driving accidents. When I was 24, my father died suddenly at 48 years old, and I was responsible for his entire estate and effects. My grandfather died in November 2012—and gifted me with seeing his actual crossing-over. In January 2016, I lost my beloved dog Harley, who was my dear, amazing, unique companion for more than 10 years; he also worked with me and was loved by my clients. I’ve lost loved ones through diseases, accidents, “old age” and suicide. These primary and numerous losses have imbued me with extraordinary empathy and healing abilities for others with grief and loss.

Part of my path includes helping others heal and lighten their grief and reinvent their lives. While I’ve been helping countless clients heal loss and grief through my reiki sessions, intuitive card readings and personal connections for many years, I wanted to more officially expand my abilities and offerings, so I participated in a mediumship workshop in March 2012, and, in March 2013, I completed my grief intuitive coaching certification with an amazing and well-known author, professional intuitive, teacher and speaker (and local) Sue Frederick.

Grief fuels your greatest spiritual & emotional reinvention; it breaks your heart wide open &
sends you
searching for the truth of where your loved one went & why you’re still here.
Sue Frederick,
Author, Intuitive, Teacher, & Keynote Speaker

I look forward to sharing my grief coaching services with you and others.

connecting with Other Side loved onesFirst Grief Coaching Session: $120

60-minute session in person or by phone or Skype
 approximately 45 minutes of preparation: Erika’s meditation, notes, and numerology and astrology overview completed before your session
 connection with and messages from your deceased loved one
 e-mailed audio recording of session

Overview of First Session Preparation and Content
Before your session, Erika will determine your numerological influences and meditate on your path and your deceased loved one, writing any messages received for you. While in session, Erika will share any messages received before and during your session; she will also listen to your story of grief, share tools for relieving and healing your grief, and offer guidance for continuing healthily and joyfully on your own path.

Follow-Up Sessions: $84

Why do a follow-up session(s) to your first session?
For experiencing even more of the benefits of grief coaching and being able to set goals, learn even more tools, explore and deepen your healing and spirituality, and reflect on your progress, more than one session is ideal. Typically, grief coaching encourages two to three sessions, but one session is also a wonderful, supportive start to your own path to healing. My reiki services and shamanic services can also be wonderful forms of grief healing and support.

After you complete your first session, your follow-up session(s) include(s)

  • 60-minute session in person or by phone or Skype
  • pre-session preparation: Erika’s meditation and notes for your highest good
  • any specific messages and intuitive guidance
  • further discussion of tools for healing and connecting with your deceased
  • intuitively guided additions, which may include reiki, mantras and deeper intuitive readings

Invest in a Grief Healing Session with Erika

You may pay via cash or check at the time of your in-person session, mail a payment prior to your session (click here for address for mailed payment), or pay at least two hours before your session via PayPal or credit card below. Click here to schedule your session.

Grief Coaching with Erika and Turtle Healing Energy


Certified Grief Intuitive Coach
Erika M. Schreck

Note: Grief coaching is not grief therapy or counseling; just many other types of coaches are not medical professionals, I as your grief coach am not a licensed therapist or doctor, but I can help you learn healing, intuitive, coping and self-care tools that will help you work through your grief, see a spiritual and healing perspective, and move forward in a positive, productive, lighter, reinventive way. Grief coaching can be a powerful experience on its own and as a complementary approach.