Shamanic Ceremony and Journey for Healing Your Heart with a Deceased Loved One

Shamanic Ceremony and Journey for Healing Your Heart with a Deceased Loved One, Erika M. Schreck, Turtle Healing Energy, Shamanism


I continue to feel honored to support people in the midst of a journey of grief. A newer offering, this special shamanic ceremony and journey were inspired by my clients and a strong, Divinely guided nudge.

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Gift to yourself or to someone else.
You may repeat the shamanic journey as often as you like.



Your investment will include the following three parts:
1. full audio [one hour, three minutes] for this powerful conference-call-style recording from my February 19, 2017, event
includes discussion of grief, inspiration for this offering, shamanic ceremony, shamanic journey and explanation for shamanic aspects

2. audio [nearly 20 minutes] for shamanic journey only, so journey can be repeated as often as you like
a powerful, meditative, healing experience that can offer different insights and experiences each time

3. video [three minutes, 30 seconds] provided as follow-up to the audio event
Erika shows the rattle, drum and singing bowl used during the call and offers additional messages and gratitude

Step One of Two: Enjoy This Healing Experience Yourself or Send As Gift

Shamanic Ceremony and Journey for Healing Your Heart with a Deceased Loved One: Invest

Step Two of Two: Invest: $18

Once you invest, you will be directed to a web page that you can bookmark and download the related audio and watch the video provided with this offering. Please contact Erika if you have any issues with the respective downloads or access page.

What are Shamanic Ceremony and Shamanic Journeying?

A shamanic ceremony, as well-known shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman often says, is an intentional space and sequence that has a beginning, middle and an end. Usually I have an altar on which I place representations of spirit, fire, air, earth and water, as well as gemstones–and for our purposes, the (on paper) hand-written names of those registered for this event *and* their named deceased, beloved ones. Shamanism is not tied to any religion, yet is the common foundation in practices and some beliefs in many religions. Ceremony is a sacred, intentional ritual.

A shamanic journey is a meditative experience that is guided by intention, instructions and purpose, and drumming. Shamanic journeying is a profound way to access our inner wisdom through imaginative means, using all of our senses–some senses stronger than others (ex. you may “see” and visualize most; or, rather, you may more so have specific feelings and a strong knowing). Everyone’s experience is unique, and it’s all perfect.

Here’s an example of a New Year ceremony without a journey that I did on Dec. 31: Click here to watch the 15-minute video, which provides a sample altar and ceremony.


Would you like more support?

As a certified grief intuitive coach and professional genuinely interested in supporting people who are struggling with loss and grief, I offer grief intuitive coaching services, free grief resources and other services like reiki to support you on your journey. Please peruse my website and contact me if you would like more support and connection with your grief journey. I am honored to support you. Read more about me, Erika M. Schreck, by clicking here.